Meet Muluk Sound

Hello! My name is Eriand I am a professional sound designer, music composer and audio post production specialist. With a strong background in ‘Audio Production’ gained from SAE Melbourne Australia, have worked for clients around the world on content for Film , TV, Advertising, Internet, Esports , and more. In recent years, I have delivered content for players like Riot Games, Blast Premier, Pubg Mobile, Liga Ace Esports, Vivaro, Nectar Sound Drops, Uber, Valorant, among others.

What I can do for you is whatever your project needs in terms of audio. This includes:

  • Sound design and editing sound effects.

  • Repair and editing of dialogues.

  • Foley and Soundscapes

  • Music composition and production and access to high-quality stock music libraries.

  • Final mix in stereo or 5.1 formats.

Your project will be finalized according to the type of medium in which it will be launched: Internet, television, cinema, following all the specifications and best practices for each one. use advanced sound design, music composition, and audio post-production techniques to bring audiovisual projects to life in exceptional ways. Furthermore, it will be done in a professional facility that has delivered content for major streaming platforms, theaters and others.


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Performing and crafting sonic magic for over 15 years

I would love to help you bring your audiovisual projects to life. If you are looking for a powerful and professional sound experience, I am here to help you. I will carry out a personalized sound design, which includes cleaning, editing and processing the dialogue of your video, podcast or song and a professional mix for your projects and film, video and animation productions. Let your content shine with exceptional audio quality! I am also available for Ecstatic Dance Bookings and custom audio design for any ocassion.

Contact me to discuss how we can work together on your next project.