Sunday Vibes Ambient Soundscapes with Granulator Device ‘GranGratitude’ and Microcosm | Ableton Live

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Hola, fellow sound explorers! ๐ŸŽถ Gracias Thank you for being here! Welcome to another session with Muluk Sound. Today, we’re super excited to share something special with you: our “GranGratitude” device. It’s a magical granulator that breathes new life into our “Gratitude” sample from the “Light Sound Codes Vol.1” album. We’re still experimenting and learning with it, so come join this journey of discovery with us! Check out the full album here: ๐ŸŒŒ

๐ŸŽต Today’s Sound Journey:

An intimate exploration of the “GranGratitude” device, showcasing its versatility and depth.
Deep soundscapes, enhanced through the Microcosm bus, offering ambient textures and ethereal reverberations.

This particular session offers just a glimpse into the vast possibilities of the “GranGratitude” device.

By simply playing the key B on the keyboard and letting an arp trigger the note guiding the journey, a unique ambient soundscape was born. Yet, every key unlocks a different sonic universe. Press another, and you might find yourself drifting in a completely different world of sound.

That’s the beauty of this device โ€“ endless exploration and discovery. If you ever get a chance to experiment with it, try pressing various keys and let the waves of sound take you on a journey. You’ll be amazed at the worlds you can unlock with just a touch!

Next time we might explore more keys with this Grangratitude rack plus other sessions with other samples from the album Light Sound Codes Vol.1

Gratitude is more than just a feeling; it’s an energy, a resonance that connects us to the heart of existence. Each time we pause to appreciate the simple moments, the fleeting beauty, or the challenges that shape us, we tap into this profound energy.

Our “Gratitude” sample and todays session embodies this sentiment, and as you immerse yourself in today’s soundscape, we invite you to reflect on the moments, big or small, that you’re grateful for.

Let the music be a gentle reminder of the countless blessings and connections in our lives, often overlooked in the rush of daily life. As you listen, may you find a deeper connection to the energy of gratitude within and around you.

Experience the “GranGratitude” device yourself! Purchase the album “Light Sound Codes Vol.1” and gain access to this unique sound tool:

When you purchase the “Light Sound Codes Vol.1” album, you’ll receive the exclusive “GranGratitude” device as a special bonus! Alternatively, if you’re interested only in the device paired with the ‘Gratitude’ sample, you can conveniently purchase it directly on

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Meet Muluk Sound

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Sunday Vibes Ambient Soundscapes with Granulator Device ‘GranGratitude’ and Microcosm | Ableton Live

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